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11 years ago
so i am in the process of having my hood refinished. and while he has it, I was thinking, where the plexi is, if i went with an expanded mesh instead of the plexi. have it painted the same gray as the brake ducts and grill with a similar expanded metal like grill look. this would help with heat under hood. it would also make that WHISSLE that much louder and pronounced. also, on the side note it would break up the monochromatic theme just a little bit. on a down side, it would allow the motor to get dirtier, but i dont plan on driving it in the bad weather either. not that i dont clean my truck all them time either...

hmmm.... and just so you all know, my intake plumbing runs right there, and I plan on having WhiSSle airbrushed and ghosted in right in the center of this cut out so you will see it with the hood shut...


thanks guys
who misses whiSSle??
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11 years ago
IMO.. make the grate metal, and have it done in black chrome!!! draw more attention to it.. then ghost WHISSLE in it.. but the lettering is acutally filled with smoke... just the lettering...