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11 years ago

The Final C6 Corvette Rolls Off of the Assembly Line

by Rick Seitz on March 1, 2013


Yesterday was a historical day for GM, Chevrolet, the Corvette, and the millions of C6 fans the world over. At 8:04 AM on February 28th, 2013, the final sixth-generation Corvette rolled off of the Bowling Green, Kentucky assembly line. It’s a bittersweet time for both the employees, and Corvette fans.

For the autoworkers, it’s like they’re losing a friend. Once you’ve built a countless amount of cars over the course of eight years, you begin to develop a sense of connection and attachment with the cars you build. It’s a passion and love you develop, even if you’re not really a car person.

The final Vette was not a standard version either, but instead, a 60th Anniversary 427 convertible. The 427 packs none other than the Z06′s LS7 with 505 HP, Arctic White paint, special wheels, commemorative badging, and a Blue Diamond leather-wrapped interior with suede-microfiber accents.

It’s not going to be shipped to a dealership, and it’s not going to Barrett-Jackson to be sold for 14 trillion dollars to somebody with more cash and ego than common sense. No, this sweetheart is staying with GM, and will become a mainstay in their Heritage Collection In Warren, Michigan.

According to the Corvette Museum blog, a total of 215,100 C6 Corvettes have been built since 2005. With the new C7 about to hit dealerships in a few months, you can bet that C6′s will become slightly more affordable on the secondhand market. While we are quite the huge fans of the now defunct C6, we’re looking to the future with high hopes of what Corvette generation 7 will bring.

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